Exactly a year ago, I came back from my last overseas trip. Much has happened since then. I started a new job, had a trip cancelled (due to protests in HK), started my masters, had another trip cancelled (you know who). It’s a strange, unfamiliar feeling, being home for over a year, something I hadn’t experienced in a decade or more. With the way things are looking, I’d needa to learn to get used to it. Not all’s bad though, the bank account’s looking healthier (though chunks were non-refundable). And instead of rushing posts out before new trips I’ve now time to tidy stuff a little.

Blog Redesign

The previous template was a couple of years old, and my habit of spamming photos made pages slow and heavy. I personally don’t like pages that consume much data, because I don’t have much data on my mobile plan. So first, I set out to find an updated theme with better performance. Was a breeze with WordPress, just had to be careful to make sure I was actually making stuff better instead of breaking more stuff. I’ve also reconfigured settings and plugins for performance (still working on it).

Next, updating the posts, which proved to be really tedious. The plan was to compress and optimize photos, retain content but update the layout to make things more compact, and to update to the current WordPress formats. So far I’m only (mostly) done with the posts from Sweden back in 2016, but it’s proving such a pain that I’m gonna spread the work over the next year.

Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the updated design. Love it, loathe it, or looks the same? Drop me a message anywhere (email, Facebook, Instagram, comment below), I can’t wait to hear from you!

What’s next

With no overseas trips on the horizon, I’m slowly updating the rest of the old posts, hopefully incorporating more feedback from you on how to make the articles here more enjoyable. Looking at another year at home, feels like the perfect time to add more posts on things to do in Singapore. I do hope the current world events do not alter leisure traveling for the worse permanently, but I guess we’ll all have to take things as they come along. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in touch. Peace out!

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