And who would have guessed that things could get even crazier than 2020! Increasing waves of infections, more lockdowns around the world, business scrambling to stay afloat, families struggling to make ends meet, and deadly conflicts that seem to be getting worse by the day. It’s probably going to be a really long time, if ever, for any resemblance of life before 2020 to return. Not really thinking of travel at the moment but nonetheless hoping for less eventful times for everyone soon.

The past half a year has been packed for me, in a good way. Seeing no end to the virus, I decided to accelerate my masters program and complete the required modules in a semester instead of two. Next, after almost a year of house hunting, I finally found a place to call my new home. Finally, getting restless at the old job, I found a new one at a really exciting technology company. Worked through that in the first few months for them to all complete in a pretty breathless April, and now finally a breather in May.

Amidst all the moving in, setting up my new place and settling into my new job, I hope to get back on track with the blog, as it has been a source of joy, strength and comfort whenever I find out that the information I’ve added here has been helpful or inspiring to someone else. With more trips out of the question for awhile, I’d be looking for other ways to make use of my past global trips or recent local (Singapore) explorations helpful or inspiring for everyone who drops by this little collection of pictures and adventures. Do let me know if there is any information or experience you’d like me to share about. Thanks for hanging around!

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