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17 Travel Bloggers’ Favorite Emerging Destinations – Travel Lemming

Aaron/ September 1, 2017/ Mentions/ 0 comments

A couple weeks back, Nathan from Travel Lemming ran a collaboration post among travel bloggers to find out the latest destinations for 2018. I’m fortunate to have been able to contribute a writeup for a city I’m sure would rise into prominence next year, with the FIFA World Cup being partially held here. Find out where it is and check out 16 other destinations that have great potential for being the next big thing in 2018! Time to add these

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Travel Blogging Friends of Hawaiian Brian – Hawaiian Brian

Aaron/ August 27, 2017/ Mentions/ 0 comments

Ever since I’ve started putting more time into this blog, I’ve made many new friends. One of them is Brian of Hawaiian Brian, proud owner of 26 Hawaiian shirts! Recently, Brian generously created posts for his travel blogging friends to introduce themselves, and I am really happy to have been a part of it. Read my introduction to this blog, as well as write-ups on 6 other amazing travel blogs on his post here!  

12 European Destinations Loved by Travel Bloggers – Free Two Roam

Aaron/ August 23, 2017/ Mentions/ 0 comments

Heading to Europe any time soon? Free Two Roam recently organised a collaboration among bloggers to come up with a list of 12 amazing European destinations. I was fortunate to have been a part of it, and am glad to be able to share the result with you today.   Free Two Roam is a travel blog by a couple based in UK. They juggle working full time with exploring the world, and have been to 45 countries. Head over

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A Journey on the Trans-Siberian: Bridging Borders and Cultures – Trek with Derk

Aaron/ July 8, 2017/ Mentions/ 1 comments

This week, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my experience meeting locals on the Trans-Siberian Railway on Trek with Derk. Trek with Derk is a travel blog by Dereck (or Derk) which focuses on bridging the gap between travelers and the communities they visit. On his blog, you’ll be able to find tips, stories and experiences on building the emotional connection with places you visit. Read more about my very memorable experience making friends and forging bonds with strangers

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Versatile Blogger Award!

Aaron/ June 17, 2017/ Mentions/ 0 comments

Huge thanks to Brian of for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Head over to Brian’s blog to read awesome travel stories and tips as he strives to maximize his time and money without sacrificing experiences.   Fret not if this does not sound familiar to you at all. The Versatile Blogger Award is not really an award as we commonly know it. Similar to other blogger awards, this award is a fun way to recognize the efforts of fellow budding bloggers

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Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Most Memorable Travel Moments – Travels With Talek

Aaron/ June 5, 2017/ Mentions/ 2 comments

I’ve got another collaboration post accepted and published this week! This time, it’s on Travels With Talek, a travel blog all about exploring interesting places and cultures. Glad to be able to share one of my most memorable travel moment with everyone. Thank you so much to the team at Travels With Talek for publishing my write-up. I hope all of you will enjoy it too! Here’s a link to the full article (click on post for link):

How travel has made my life blissful – Travel Bliss

Aaron/ May 30, 2017/ Mentions/ 0 comments

I recently took part in a collaboration with Maria from Travel Bliss on her blog series ‘How travel has made my life blissful’. Check out my write up for her series here (click on post for link): How travel has made my life blissful! (Part III – by Aaron Teoh) Honored to have been part of her blog series, and really happy to finally complete my first guest post! Cheers to more good news this week!