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What to eat in Penang

Aaron/ October 5, 2019/ Southeast Asia/ 0 comments

A trip to Penang isn’t complete without experiencing the amazing local food. It’s colorful history has brought in a myriad of cultures and traditions from around the region, and with that the creation of a unique cuisine, a blend of the flavors that reflect its past. Here are some ideas on where to get a taste of all of it on a trip to Penang. Breakfast – George Town The lively markets in George Town are the best way to

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George Town, Penang in 1 day

Aaron/ October 1, 2019/ Southeast Asia/ 0 comments

Been to Penang a couple of times before, but first time I’m attempting to write about it! George Town itself is worth a few days for the food, historical sights, street art and more. But if you’ve gotta squeeze the highlights into one day, here’s how it might be done. This itinerary can be completed on foot. Best done in good weather!