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“So much has happened since I last saw you.”

September came and it was time for the annual pilgrimage to uncover new grounds. Had a good (almost nerve wracking) 2 weeks in Jordan, a relaxed week in Dubai, and a crazy week back in Singapore. It isn’t always that you get stuck in an isolation ward being suspected of carrying a highly contagious disease (MERS), so it was another week of new experiences. What this wasn’t the first time for though, was that of me falling terribly sick at the end of a trip having eaten something bad (still no idea what). Some people never learn.

All’s good now, back at work, clearing blog backlog (including the Langkawi post from August), and fingers crossed soon all the amazing Jordan pictures and experiences will be up. Drop by soon or like my Facebook page to be the first to know! The year’s almost up, hope you’ll have a fantastic lead up to 2018 🙂

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