Awesome Travel Blogs

A travel blog for any/ every occasion!


Hawaiian Brian by Brian Ballmann.

Brian believes that life is a vacation and that we should spend as much time as possible doing what we enjoy. Brian created Hawaiian Brian  not only to share his travel experiences with others, but also to learn from others. In Brian’s own words: “With your help I hope this blog can become an invaluable travel resource to help you plan your next freaking awesome vacation!”


The Heart of Travel by Chelsea Glass.

Chelsea runs The Heart of Travel, a company providing authentic travel experiences to Latin America. In her blog, she shares interesting finds in Latin America, as well as discoveries in her journey to create a positive and measurable difference in the communities she visits.


Romantic Travel Report by Gary Turco.

Gary and Leslie run Romantic Travel Report, inspiring couples and helping them plan for the next romantic trip by sharing their personal experiences in their quest for the next romantic holiday. To sum it up, those who travel together, stay together!


Only Once Today by Lobke and Inge.

Join Lobke and Inge, a regular gay couple from Belgium, as they live life to the fullest by exploring the world. Learn more about sustainable travel, photography and LGBT through their blog!


Where's Jason by Jason Gotuato.Have a taste for adventure travel? Always wanted to add more excitement to your trips but terrified of the unknowns? Follow Jason’s blog as he embarks on new adventures and offers tips on how to make the best of outdoor activities without letting your fears get in the way.


The Traveling Traveler by Julia Kuhn.

The Traveling Traveler is by Julia, a traveling Speech-Language Pathologist who works in health care facilities across the United States. Want to find out more about the life of a traveling healthcare professional or how you can be one too? Be sure to check out her blog!


Hackerette by Kamelia Britton.

Join Kamelia, a San Diego based lifestyle & travel blogger, as she balances work as a nurse with traveling hacking around the world. Learn to save while creating your own bucket list lifestyle!


Travel Bliss by Maria Lewis.

Maria believes in following your bliss. For her that means exploring the world and sharing the happiness she has found through travelling with all of us. Read more on her blog as she discovers new opportunities, friendships, and happiness through travelling!


The TRVL Blog by Nathan Dugal.

Tired from reading paid recommendations on the best tour or hotel to check out? The TRVL Blog, by Nathan, is here to offer authentic travel stories. No sponsored posts from restaurants or resorts, just genuine, honest tips and recommendations from Nathan’s personal experience all around the world.


Bergn Street by Rachel Berg.

Bergn Street, by Rachel, is a travel blog bringing insight to living life through exploring, experiencing, and ultimately, evolving as an individual.
Explore. – Out Your Front Door. In Your Backyard. And Well Beyond.
Experience. – Adventure. Change. And the Highs & Lows of Life.
Evolve. – Using Your Explorations and Experiences to Become the Best Version of Yourself.