Favorite Travel Resources

Here are some resources that have made travel planning so much more enjoyable (non-sponsored):


The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Essential travel resource for planning overland train trips, all around the world (Yes, all around the world).


Wego / Skyscanner

A must for finding the best flights prices. Both are metasearch engines, means you do not directly buy from them, but they help you to search the different online travel agents/ airlines so that you can compare prices. I currently work at Wego, but when it comes to booking tickets I still search both, as the coverage (travel agents/ airlines searched by each metasearch) differ. Thus despite both companies having very good coverage of the flights and hotels markets, the lowest price ticket might appear on only either (though often both). Some other practical differences between the 2? Wego has a brand new super fast mobile web interface that’ll return you all the flight prices in no time (coming to desktop soon), while Skyscanner’s web interface allows you to do multi city searches, which can be pretty nifty. Working at Wego, I know how hard my colleagues work to make sure prices displayed are accurate (taking into account payment options), and that there’ll always be as many sites as possible to compare prices from, which I’m assuming the peps over at Skyscanner would be doing too. Both have apps versions too, which differs slightly from the web versions. There’re some misconceptions about travel metasearches in general, and I hope to create a post addressing them soon, as these sites can help you to save tonnes of money!