December 2015

Yubeng – Hiking the Sacred Mountains of Yunnan

Trekking to Yubeng, the village hidden within the mountains at the Yunnan-Tibetan border. 4 days across snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, alpine forests, secluded lakes and waterfalls in buses, 4wds, and on foot.

Shangri-La: A day in Lost Paradise

How I nearly died- and survived in the Tibetan town of Gyalthang, popularly romanticised as Shangri-La, 3,200m above sea level, surrounded by lush grasslands and soaring mountains.

Dali – History meets Hipsters in the Highlands

3 days in and around Dali, the ancient kingdom at the edge of Erhai Lake in Yunnan, China. Exploring traditional markets, historic towns, ancient temples, rice fields, hiking trails, and hipster cafes, no less.