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Just a quick update …

Aaron/ June 14, 2019/ Blog/ 0 comments

For a year that started off relatively slowly, the pace seems to have suddenly gotten out of hand. In May, I got restless and decided to do the Overland Track in Tasmania on an impulse. Weather at the start wasn’t great but it ended amazingly, some of those scenes on Instagram. I finally got to see Tasmanian Devils and echidnas up close (not on the trail, unfortunately, but at an awesome wildlife sanctuary in the city). Right after that trip

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All the amazing things in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan … coming soon!

Aaron/ July 17, 2018/ Blog/ 0 comments

Been a pretty crazy month, did a 2 week trip in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan (photos coming up on Instagram), came back to reviews and planning season at work, prepared for a presentation at a data conference, and now finally some breathing room! The 2 week trip, though rather hastily planned (as usual), well exceeded my expectations. Truly magical, and I definitely wouldn’t rule out going back some day for the stunning nature, warm and friendly people, and affordable cost of

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New posts coming soon!

Aaron/ November 3, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

“So much has happened since I last saw you.” September came and it was time for the annual pilgrimage to uncover new grounds. Had a good (almost nerve wracking) 2 weeks in Jordan, a relaxed week in Dubai, and a crazy week back in Singapore. It isn’t always that you get stuck in an isolation ward being suspected of carrying a highly contagious disease (MERS), so it was another week of new experiences. What this wasn’t the first time for

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Another half lap round the sun! Where should we go now?

Aaron/ July 9, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

In the blink on an eye, it’s already July! Once again, I’ve allowed myself to get so consumed by work that I forgot to plan a break. Now aiming for a trip in September/ October. Looks like some people never learn. But in case you’ve got some flexibility on your side and looking for some inspiration to capitalise on the weather in the next few months (July / August / September), here are some ideas to begin with, and some

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Leave clearing season!

Aaron/ March 23, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

  Work travel balance is tough. So … after an awesome solo trip to Sweden in September last year, I was all hyped up and started coming up with ideas for the next solo trip. The ideas got me more hyped up and I was sure the next solo trip was gonna be just an epic one. October came and I made my 2nd futile attempt at summiting a mountain in as many months, this time with colleagues, at Gunung

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Fresh posts coming soon!

Aaron/ September 20, 2016/ Blog/ 0 comments

Completed porting over the posts from my previous blog just in time before I left for a quick 2 week trip in Sweden that was truly breathtaking, a week hiking in the mountains and valleys in the Arctic Circle and another few days exploring the bustling city of Stockholm. And kinda refreshing, being my first solo trip in over a year, and first trip in 6 months. Just got back, and sooo tired right now. Small mountain of work and

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