Berastagi in 2 days – Sipisopiso and Sibayak

On the way back from Lake Toba to Medan, we made a detour and headed towards Berastagi, the town town in the mountains, to check out 2 amazing attractions nearby-Sipisopiso waterfall and Sibayak volcano. Here’s how you can do it too!

Lake Toba

Lake Toba – 3 days in Paradise

For something so beautiful as Lake Toba, so near to home, it’s really a wonder how I’ve waited 28 years to visit. Or rather, visit again, as my parents apparently came here while my mum was pregnant with me. Finally made the trip this year, so here’s a 3 day trip to the largest lake …

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Banjar Hot Spring, Bali

Banjar and Bantiran – Escaping the crowds in Bali

Banjar and Bantiran, places in the north of Bali far off the usual tourist trail. Yet, there is much to offer for anyone looking for some peace and quiet, and something a little different in Bali.

North Bali One Day Tour

Without the luxury of time we decided to go on a one day private tour of north Bali to be able to see more sights on our third day in north Bali. Leaving the coast and going up the mountains down south, the sights that awaited us were truly breathtaking.

Wadi Dana Trail

Wadi Dana/ Dana Biosphere Reserve – 2 hikes without a guide

After Aqaba, I headed to Wadi Dana in search of spectacular mountains and a little more greenery. Dana did not disappoint, and it was unlike anything I’ve seen. If you’re looking for day hikes you can do on your own in Jordan, you definitely have to check this out.

Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Wadi Rum – Desert Camping

Ever dreamed of living it out in the desert, chilling in the wilderness by day, sleeping under the stars by night? How about all that, with modern day comforts such as having a bed under a sheltered tent, warm water to shower in, running electricity, along with fresh hot meals? Well I discovered recently that …

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