Collaboration posts in 2019

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to participate in a couple of collaboration posts with other bloggers. Here are those I’ve contributed to this year. Hope it’ll help you find some travel inspiration from the other contributors!

Traveling Alone For The First Time: 21 Pro Tips For Solo Travel Newbies by Passport Voyager

March 12, 2019. Thinking of taking that leap of faith and get on your first solo trip, but not sure how to? Check out some tips to make your first solo trip less stressful and more enjoyable!

The BEST Things to do in Singapore with Kids by Families Magazine

March 20, 2019. Singapore is more than just a dense, modern city that’s made for adults, there’s lots of fun things to do with kids too.

45 INCREDIBLE waterfalls you have to visit in Asia by Daily Travel Pill

March 26, 2019. There are just too many amazing waterfalls in Asia, I’m glad someone started making a list. Here’s somewhere good to start if you love chasing waterfalls!

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia by My Travel Scrapbook

May 31, 2019. Searching for your next perfect Instagram shot? Take your pick from one of the hundred here.

Best Hikes in the world with EPIC Views by Eat Love Explore

June 11, 2019. Always looking for a next great hike, just like me? Check out these hikes around the world that lead you to spectacular views!

34 Top Places to Visit in Europe in Summer by Diana’s Healthy Living

June 14, 2019. It can get a little overwhelming deciding where to go on a trip to Europe, but Diana has helped organize some of the best places to visit for each of the summer months, June, July and August!

36 of the Best Hikes in the World You Should Check Out at Least Once in Your Life by Wanderwings

June 16, 2019. More hikes for you to add to your list!

Best hikes in Europe: 19 epic treks and outdoor adventures by Overhere

June 18, 2019. And even more! Here are some ideas for Europe.

Bloggers Recall Their Travelers’s Diarrhea Horror Stories by Lost & Abroad

June 24, 2019. For something different, here’s something I had never talked about before, my experience with traveler’s diarrhea WHILE attempting to summit Gunung Rinjani, an active volcano in Indonesia. And other horror stories.

30 Best Urban Hikes Around the World by Travel Lexx

July 3, 2019. You don’t always have to go far into the wilderness for an epic hike. Here are 30 hikes that are easily accessible from major cities around the world. No longer have to choose between nature and city life!

The Most Stunning Places to Visit in Malaysia by Hoponworld

July 6, 2019. I haven’t wrote much about Malaysia, the amazing country just a walk over a bridge away, but there’s really quite a bit to explore.

More collabs to come!

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