Just a quick update …

For a year that started off relatively slowly, the pace seems to have suddenly gotten out of hand. In May, I got restless and decided to do the Overland Track in Tasmania on an impulse. Weather at the start wasn’t great but it ended amazingly, some of those scenes on Instagram. I finally got to see Tasmanian Devils and echidnas up close (not on the trail, unfortunately, but at an awesome wildlife sanctuary in the city). Right after that trip I came back to wrap up my first job move since graduation. And so it got busier! Finishing up projects and facilitating handovers for now, and more work on the other side soon.

I’m probably going to be really slow in getting the Tasmania posts up, but hopefully blogging pace picks up once I’m settled down in my new job. Lots of posts should be brewing by then, with 3 more trips lined up for the next few months! Stay tuned, and thanks for coming back 🙂 For the latest on my trips, follow me on Instagram. In the meantime do let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

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