Another half lap round the sun! Where should we go now?

In the blink on an eye, it’s already July! Once again, I’ve allowed myself to get so consumed by work that I forgot to plan a break. Now aiming for a trip in September/ October. Looks like some people never learn. But in case you’ve got some flexibility on your side and looking for some inspiration to capitalise on the weather in the next few months (July / August / September), here are some ideas to begin with, and some things to take note of.


Southeast Asia

Great weather in the next few months, (supposedly) lesser rain, and with that, higher temperatures and more crowds. There’re always more gems to be discovered here. If Bali is getting a little too crowded for you, you might want to consider Lombok and the Gili islands, or even Flores and the Komodo islands, just next to Bali. Or if you can wait till October, crowds will probably clear up a little, bringing prices and stress levels down a little.


Philippines and Taiwan

It’s typhoon season! Be sure to keep updated with the weather forecast if you’re planning a trip to these 2 beautiful countries between now and October. There also has been increased unrest in some of the southern parts of Philippines, but the usual touristic areas still look safe. As with travel to anywhere else these days, do your homework, and always stay vigilant.



Winter time! Possibly too cold to travel to some areas, attractions may be closed, but snow sports is in. If that’s what you’re looking for you’d have to head to the southern states of Victoria, New South Wales, or Tasmania.


Middle East

Maybe a little too hot to travel to now, might be better in September/ October. Which would mean it is about time to look out for tickets, if you’re going for the best prices. (Note to myself too) Of course, stay clear of the trouble regions, but there are plenty of amazing (and safe) places such as Jordan, Oman, Iran and Dubai. Definitely a region I’d be looking to for more travel inspiration in the near future.



Some say the best time to be in Europe! Enjoy the sunny beaches from Greece to Croatia to Italy while they last till the end of summer. If you wait till late in summer, it might get a little colder, but crowds much thinner. You might even get the entire beach to yourself!

If hiking’s your thing, it’s time to get packing! The best window to explore the alps (Tour du Mont Blac, Berlin High Trail) in central Europe to the wilderness in Scandinavia (Kungsleden and probably anywhere in Norway) on foot. While in Scandinavia, why not catch the midnight sun too? But if you’re looking for the northern lights, it may be a better idea to keep the trip till after September.


and finally … Siberia?

This is one place not often on anyone’s to-do list, but is no less a spellbinding place. Most people recognise it as a place of extreme cold in winter, but it does have a comfortable summer, though rather short. Take a hike along the massive Lake Baikal and feel the vastness of it all, nature all raw and powerful. But be quick, as temperatures stay above 20 degrees Celcius just till around August, before Elsa takes over again.


That wraps it up! Couple of places mentioned are places I’d love to check out or have checked out, while others seem to be getting in trend. Either way, I do need to make a commitment to myself to get a trip soon. Too many months in the office/ city is getting to my health. When I finally get to it, you’d be sure to know the latest news here!


Any comments, ideas, or suggestions? Drop your thoughts below!

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